Marry-me, at summer


"I would like to ask you to be my wife with a diamond in 18k gold and precious stones. A unique diamond, shining as a rainbow. This is the symbol of my chance to be with you."


18k yellow gold, black diamonds, blue sapphires, emeralds, rubies, péridots.


Ring of love.

Collection Marry-me.


Production time 15 working days.


TVA incluse 20%


The Collection Marry-me is the last one signed FLAV Joaillerie. Marry-me's rings are love's rings, they symbolize passion of the person who offers it and of the person who receives it. Composite of tendency and elegant love's rings, unique, handcrafted; for romantic and passionated wedding proposal. The most famous jewel of this collection is a small diamond in 18k gold seted with precious stones, offers a variety of colors. Marry-me at summer is  diamond shape in 18k yellow gold with precious stones : emeralds, rubies, black diamonds, sapphires and peridots. A romantic and refreshing ring, perfect for a proposal or an anniversary.


Each jewel of FLAV Joaillerie is made by hand in Paris, with the Place Vendôme traditional way. The designer sculpts each piece in wax and uses a technical from antiquity : the lost-wax casting process. Then the jewel sculpted in wax is molted in precious metals as 18 karat gold, and becomes a precious jewel, unique and romantic.


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