Secret dévoilé Sunrise


"I just had for you one secret, you are my treasure, my adored."


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Ring 18k yellow gold, and citrine 0,50 carats.


Collection Paris by Paris.


Production time 15 working days.


TVA incluse 20%



Secret dévoilé is a pyramid shape ring, made by hand. This ring is inspired by the pyramids with a treasure inside : the Great Pyramid  of Egypt which hide and protect the pharaoh treasures, and the Louvre museum pyramid who hide artworks of the world. Secret Dévoilé Sunrise mentions the sunrise over the pyramids,that's why it's in yellow gold and yellow sunrise color stone, a citrine.


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The collection Paris by Paris, made in 2015, is the most symbolic collection of FLAV Joaillerie Paris. First, because Paris is the family name of the designer Flavie Paris, and second because Paris city is the place of love and romantics. The designer is offering a lovely and happy walk revisiting the most famous and love places of Paris.


Each jewel of FLAV Joaillerie is made by hand in Paris, with the Place Vendôme traditional way. The designer sculpts each piece in wax and uses a technical from antiquity : the lost-wax casting process. Then the jewel sculpted in wax is molted in precious metals as 18 karat gold, and becomes a precious jewel, unique and romantic.



La citrine est une pierre fine, naturellement jaune, appartenant à la famille des quartz. La citrine est connue pour ses énergies positives, c'est une pierre solaire.

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