Engrenagepourla vie(2)A


The collection Accroche-moi symbolizes the connection of love or friendship between two peoples. Through this collection, the designer wants to tell in a representative way the affection between two persons who becomes friendly, in love. The rings Engrenage, which are really appreciates as wedding rings, illustrates with subtlety, the strong links between two peoples, forever. The ring Serre-moi fort represents a small monkey wrench securing his nut, symbolizes with style the affection and love for somebody.


Each jewel of FLAV Joaillerie is made by hand in Paris, with the Place Vendôme traditional way. The designer sculpts each piece in wax and uses a technical from antiquity : the lost-wax casting process. Then the jewel sculpted in wax is molted in precious metals as 18 karat gold, and becomes a precious jewel, unique and romantic.


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48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62



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